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How Does Arctic Air Pure Chill Work?


Hydro Chill Technology is responsible for the excellent and efficient way the Arctic Air Pure Chill works. This modern technology on this cooling unit doesn't need refrigerants to work, making The Arctic Air Pure Chill an eco-friendly when compared to other types of traditional air conditioning. Instead the Hydro Chill Technology uses "thermoelectric cooling."

With this technology, a solid-state semiconductor on the Arctic Air Pure Chill converts electrical energy into thermal energy. This means one part of the Arctic Air Coolers is colder than the room while the other part takes out the room's heat. The result is the hot air is replaced with cool air using this personal space cooler. Read more about this in the article Can Arctic Air Pure Chill cool a room?

The Arctic Air Portable Air Conditioner also uses evaporation technology to cool your space. It’s a simple process of this personal air cooler that works well while remaining environmentally sound, low-cost and super convenient.

All you have to do with the Arctic Air Pure Chill is fill the top tank and plug it in for the Hydro Chill Technology to work. The filter absorbs the water within two to three minutes on the Pure Chill Portable AC. Air circulates through the filter on the Arctic Air cooler, causing the water to evaporate. The process cools the air down and the fan pushes the air out to cool your space.

You will need to soak the water curtain first with clean water to ensure your personal cooler works immediately when you start it. Your Arctic Air Pure Chill will work even after the water tank goes empty.

The water curtain on the Arctic Air Pure Chill will remain damp so the air being pumped through it will remain cool and comfortable. Additionally, the Arctic Air Pure Chill will work up to 10 hours on one water fill.

The water curtain has a misting device that releases moisture into the room.

There are other features that help keep your surrounding area cool including an ice tray that can be used to produce cold air in extreme heat situations. This is a feature that other similar personal coolers don’t have.

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